Playing Fancies with Le Voci

Amongst the best experiences working as a musician, are the ones that relate to my friendship with conductor Grete Pedersen. She always encourages me to go above and beyond of what I thought I was capable of.
My marimba arrangements of Sven-Eric Johanson´s Fancies came as a result of Grete´s creative mind: “Why piano when it would sound so much more interesting with a 5-octave marimba”, she said.
And listening to the recording we did with the Norwegian Soloists Choir, I must admit (although I am quite familiar with the sound of the marimba!)) that the combination marimba – choir in Johanson´s music gives me new audible dimensional experiences on my own instrument. It sounds like meant-to-be.
This week I am again diving into these 9 songs with lyrics from Shakespeare’s plays when playing with the chamber-choir Le Voci on Thursday in Oslo.
And the exciting shivers come back once more!

Read more and listen to the recording of Fancies HERE: