Sven-Eric Johanson – Fancies I & II



Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen
marimba, marimba-arrangements
The Norwegian Soloists´Choir
Grete Pedersen

Release date: 2006
CD Simax PSC1298

Nine absolutely delightful settings for choir and marimba of texts from William Shakespeare’s plays, including “Two Gentlemen from Verona,” “As You Like It,”The Merchant of Venice,” “Love’s Labour Lost,” “Cymbeline,” and “Twelfth Night.” Sven-Eric Johanson wrote his Fancies I & II originally for piano. But HKKS made his own arrangements using the five-octave marimba instead. The sound from the marimba gives warmth, attach and a subtility that changes the whole atmosphere. And also turns it away from the “choir & piano” concept.




The collaboration and friendship between The Norwegian Soloists´Choir, Grete Pedersen and HKKS go way back. They have toured together for over 2 decades and are closer now than ever. It was Grete´s idea to involve Hans-Kristian and his marimba on this project. She was tired of the old concept and sound preference of "piano and choir". She wanted something else, which is often the thing with Grete: She never shies away from doing it all "wrong" and turning one's perception of the conversation through music upside down. Her personal character is something that Hans-Kristian can identify himself to. Which has led to a close friendship.