Moscow Art Trio – feat. HKKS (1998)



Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen
Percussion, Marimba
Moscow Art Trio:
Misha Alperin Piano
Arkady Shilkloper French Horn, Flugelhorn
Sergey Starostin Vocals, Folk Reeds, Clarinet

Release date: 1998
CD JARO 4214-2

HKKS joins the Moscow Art Trio in the album Music.
The Moscow Art Trio has toured internationally since 1990 and travels musically to the border of China, paints with impressionist colours, plays a tricky Russian wedding dance. The music of the ensemble is enriched not with exotic trinkets tacked on as decoration, but with delicate nuances, embedded homogeneously in the group sound. The result is a new form of jazz– poetic jazz. In the midst of Moldavian, Georgian and Russian themes the ‘figures of speech’ often used are the: repetitions, wild outbreaks, and moments of stillness.

The album Music was a result of the extensive work between Misha Alperin and HKKS that started in the late nineties, that also led to the ECM albums Night and First Impression.
Moscow Art Trio and HKKS did concerts together with the likes of Brazz Bros. Jon Christensen at the Essence-festival in Fredrikstad, DØLA-jazz in Lillehammer a.o. The orchestrations that developed during these tours made their way to the recording studio in Oslo. And with excellent sound engineering from Atle Karstad, the result is quite pleasant and enjoyable to listen to. The sound of the five-octave marimba together with the piano, vocals and reeds, sends the listener to unknown imaginary landscapes. The musicians know each other almost telepathically and even the improvised sections sound orchestrated and written.