Arne Nordheim – Signals (2012)



Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen
Frode Haltli
Raoul Björkenheim
Electric guitar

Release date: 2012
CD Simax Classics PSC 1328


Arne Nordheim: Signals for accordion, electric guitar and percussion

 «If I can write a piece for aquarium?», Arne Nordheim exclaimed

This story was told by the legendary Danish accordionist Mogens Ellegaard, after having approached Nordheim on a bad phone line in 1967. His invitation, after the initial misunderstanding had been cleared, resulted in Nordheim’s first work for accordion. All in all, he wrote five pieces, all of them associated with Ellegaard.

Haltli describes in the liner notes how he finds Nordheim’s scores very open for interpretation, particularly the original manuscripts.  The trio Signals features the phenomenal percussionist Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen and guitarist Raul Björkenheim .