Playing Fancies with Le Voci

Amongst the best experiences working as a musician, are the ones that relate to my friendship with conductor Grete Pedersen. She always encourages me to go above and beyond of what I thought I was capable of.
My marimba arrangements of Sven-Eric Johanson´s Fancies came as a result of Grete´s creative mind: “Why piano when it would sound so much more interesting with a 5-octave marimba”, she said.
And listening to the recording we did with the Norwegian Soloists Choir, I must admit (although I am quite familiar with the sound of the marimba!)) that the combination marimba – choir in Johanson´s music gives me new audible dimensional experiences on my own instrument. It sounds like meant-to-be.
This week I am again diving into these 9 songs with lyrics from Shakespeare’s plays when playing with the chamber-choir Le Voci on Thursday in Oslo.
And the exciting shivers come back once more!

Read more and listen to the recording of Fancies HERE:

Spring and Summer performances

HKKS´s spring and summer activities display HKKS´s continuously engagement in the chamber music field.  This year also marks the 100 years since Igor Stravinsky´s masterpiece The Soldier´s Tale was composed, which HK will perform throughout Europe together with violinists Florian Donderer, Daniel Hope and Christian Tetzlaff.

At Schwetzingen Festspiele, HK will do his premiere performances of the classics Le Corps à Corps, by Georges Aperghis and Vinko Globokar´s corporel?, where he will use his naked body as the instrument. With cellist Tanja Tetzlaff and violinist Florian Donderer, HK will sew together a concert/theatre performance that will make strong audible and visual impact on the audience.

Nearly two decades since the 2 first met on a stage in Ireland doing The Soldier´s Tale together and since then touring all over the world,  violinist Daniel Hope and HKKS still share the same passion for playing chamber music. And together with friends like clarinettist Patrick Messina, trombonist Jean Raffard and soloists from French National Orchestra, they will perform The Soldier´s Tale throughout Germany in June and July.

As Steve Smith noted in The New York Times after a performance at the Alice Tully Hall at the Lincoln Centre:

“Mr Hope and the ensemble played Stravinsky’s lean, jazzy score with dazzling virtuosity and bite. Mr Klaus Maria Brandauer, narrating in English translation and discreetly amplified, was eccentric and riveting. The soldier barked, sputtered and fell mute in connivance; the Devil seduced in a singsong falsetto.
“Egmont,” arranged by Jan Müller-Wieland for Stravinsky’s wiry complement, was like a brittle parody out of Brecht and Weill, with flamboyant work for a percussionist: here, Hans-Kristian Kjos Sorensen.”

Spannungen Festival is very dear to Hans-Kristian. This year will be his 4th visit to this Mekka of chamber music, where audiences and some of the finest musicians around come together to enjoy the best of what chamber music has to offer. Programme TBA.

Ole Edvard Antonsen and HKKS spin off from last years Elverum Festival together with musicians like cellist Tanja Tetzlaff, violinist Florian Donderer,  bassoonist Martin Kuuskmann and others. Programme TBA.

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