“An essential part of my musicianship is my work with students. The dialogue and the sharpened feedback I get from motivated and interested young students always keep me on my toes. And the methodically work we put in together to bring up front the musical instincts hidden between the lines on the music sheets, is as inspirational as it can get”.

Norwegian Academy of Music

Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen teaches and coaches professional musicians of all instruments, students and young talents. Since 2014 HKKS has been a professor of percussion at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.
If you are a candidate for auditions, please submit your application to the academy here:



Hans-Kristian has a broad experience playing the percussion and cimbalom within a variety of musical styles and he can teach you in
• techniques and interpretation in melodic percussion (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone)
• drum-techniques and interpretation of percussion repertoire
• help to build repertoire within solo, chamber music and orchestra
• help to prepare for concerts, new grades and auditions
• improvisation
• drum-set, hand-drums, frame drums, Brazilian percussion
• Cimbalom (Hungarian type)